a Smoky Mountain getaway

Gone for only five days, we had a fantastic relaxing break in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  We stayed at the Pioneer Cabins and Guest Farm down Boat Gunnel Road in Townsend. The proprietors, Diane and Roger (pictured above) gave us just the right amount of helpful and leave-you-alone. 

chicken coup

Past the owner's main house, there are six cabins tucked into the wooded hillside.  We stayed in the Hide Out which was perfect for us.   

Especially the swing.  

In addition to Green Cleaning, I appreciated Diane's elaborate gardens.   She kindly and generously allowed me to clip flowers to arrange a bridal bouquet for my friend's wedding.  I used crisp white calla lilies and blue hydrangea as the foundation.  (Unfortunately, in my frenzy to prepare the bouquets, I forgot to photograph the flowers or the finished bundles.  I think they turned out quite well for a novice flower arranger such as myself, but you'll have to trust me on this.) 

The creatures enjoyed it all, too.  Flower beds were buzzing with pollinators.

unidentified bird with a good tail- do you know what it is?

And just up the road on the property next to our cabins, we went to one of the best weddings.  Ever.


trena said...

The bridal bouquet turned out beautifully, indeed :) I will send you a photo of it. THANK YOU & miss you xoxo.

Anika said...

Beautiful photos...I was wondering what it looked like inside since the gardens were so amazing!

Chris said...

Beautiful. I love the Smokies.