dancing under umbrellas

At the end of May we went to Tennessee to attend my long, long-time friend and college roommate, Trena’s, wedding.  Trena and I became friends at a key time.  That time in life when it feels that the world is pushing you along into whatever you are supposed to do and you fear as deep as your bones that the world can’t really see who you are and what you want. Trena was a scholarly marvel and I was a reckless wannabe artist/actress.  We discovered in one another a friend that would help you see the truth when it was hard and ugly, yet a friend that didn’t abuse their insights into you. And so we built a trust. We became friends and remained friends.

part of the set for photo sessions

What kept, and I expect will keep, our friendship together is more than the circumstances of how and when we became friends.  It’s that we share an umbrella of irony.  It shields us from the rain and breaks the light when it’s too bright. It’s how you view the world and measure your expectations. 


Under the umbrella, we share our copious notes of research in our lives; we discuss and debate.  We do a lot of laughing and crying as one might expect, too.  With this kind of friend, you believe the other sees you as you see yourself including your flaws, but really they see you as better, as how you want to see yourself.  And they encourage and push you accordingly. Over time, even if you don’t talk for weeks or months, you still count on this person to raise the bar where you want it. 

So, fast forward already...  While we’ve been busily raising and testing the bar under this umbrella, along came David. David strolls under the umbrella of irony, apparently right at home, and does a graceful, smart, humorous dance that charmed the socks of Trena.  I sensed the match before I ever met him in person.  Something different was in her voice, her perspective. Woo-hoo! It made me burst into my own jig. 

When I gave a toast, I meant to say all of this  but I panicked. I blurted out something resembling it, I hope.  

Again, raising my glass, here’s to a lifetime of dancing under umbrellas!  

quilts and cake

The Three T's

Mic Harrison and the High Score
The band was perfect in the barn and fittingly pretty much everyone kicked up their heels.  Click here for an article on the band.

Guests enjoyed sunset by the campfire

The day after the wedding, a group of us went on a lush and gentle hike.

Anyone who has hiked with Trena is familiar with this sight (above). 

a lot of laughs


David and Bruce


Did I mention how lush it was?  Compared to where we live in the Rockies, it's overwhelming how much vegetation there is. Everything is dripping in ivy and moss. 

b playing in tiny waterfall


Anika said...

Beautiful post...just lovely.

trena said...

Brought tears to my eyes..I miss you so much and I am so glad you and Bruce spent so much time with us! We will come to Montana soon, promise!

Tonette said...

Thanks, Anika.
And Trena, me, too. We had a great weekend. And we are ready for you here, anytime!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful couple..Beautiful pic's....Heart felt words !