springing native plants

We hiked around Crazy Canyon last weekend and my eyes almost popped out of my head it was such a deliriously packed blooming wild flower party.  It's very close to town up Pattee Canyon and close to my old house so when I lived nearer, I hiked it more often. Just crossing town for this hike felt like a greater refreshing retreat and the flowers totally sweetened the deal.

For more information on Montana Native Plants, I seriously recommend the Montana Native Plant Society.  It has been years since I made it to a weed pull, but I've been a member for years and no doubt, I will get more involved again. All of the people affiliated with them that I have met are enthusiastic and generous about plants and are a great resource.  They have annual garden tours and plant sales at the Farmer's Market. Even if you aren't in Montana, check out their links page for other states and especially the Native Plant Landscaping link for great information. 

Montana Native Flowers Snaps:

arrowleaf balsamroot

pussy toes

watch out for handsome wild animals sneaking up on you

indian paintbrush


nodding onions about to bloom, pointing up among the shrubs

We saw a lot more that I didn't get very good photos of too.

all the color demands an even more cheerful, playful hike than usual. I think B was trying to help by dodging the camera here.

And finally......(drum roll, please)

lady slippers are bad-ass
Lady slippers knock me down they are so discreetly bold and elegant.

Native plant related resources:
Blackfoot Native Plants
Native Ideals Seed Company
Great Bear Restoration
Montana Native Plant Society



trena said...

I've never seen a white lady slipper! We have pink and yellow ones here, and they are such a treat. It's so hard to believe that it's spring flower time in Montana right now while we are in full-on summer. Note to self: visit Montana in mid-June for wildflower hikes!

Tonette said...

I know it's crazy, huh? But honestly, because of the elevation and snow and all, a lot comes later here. And keeps coming. Depending on where you go and how much rain we get, something always seems to be flowering even when it's later, and especially if you like to - and I know you do - hike higher to see alpine goodies. ;)

Laurie said...

Lovely pictures of Bruce. And the flowers are pretty too. Its always nice to see what you two are up to.