love songs

A friend recently told me she didn't have any 'good' love songs in her music collection.  Apparently everything she had was depressing and more like a break-up song.  How sad is that?

To remedy the crisis, I pulled together a random selection of celebratory love songs from Camille Yarbrough, Cat Power to Cee Lo Green.  And other crooners whose names start with letters other than 'C'.

   Click to check out my "love songs" playlist on iTunes.

If you face such an emergency, when in doubt turn to Barry White.  He's a fast (and obvious but respectable) solution not included in the list.

I want to add more to the list, so please help me out. What are some of your favorite love songs?


Chris said...

I gave it some thought, and realized I don't really care for love songs. Too much like Hallmark cards to me, I guess.

Tonette said...

Ah, Chris. Oh well. How about break-up songs? I'm considering that list next. My own love life is good, but I know several people breaking up.