surprise visitors

Last Thursday I got a text from someone in my family (who will remain unnamed to protect them) saying that my parents were getting on the road  Saturday to drive two thousand miles from Indiana to Montana and 'surprise' me.  I waited until Saturday and called Dick and Mabel, "Hey!  Sooo, what's up?"  They must have left Friday cause they were already on the border of Iowa and Illinois.  They giggled calculating their ETA to me.  

I had told them earlier in the spring that they shouldn't visit in July because it would conflict with other visitors and work projects.  Mom's been sick so  they missed June, I thought, and was now looking to August.  As soon as Mom was feeling better, they decided to hop in the car and get out to Montana before June ends! In three days. What goofy parents!  

I'm not really ready for them.  I had intended to shoot another interview with them for the Dick&Mabel project when they visited next, but I haven't prepped enough questions yet. I cleaned up a bit around the house - especially my studio/office -  and we'll see if I can scrap together an improvised interview.  They should be here tonight. I'm looking forward to it.

"Who've you been talking to today?" Dad dug for information over the phone.  

"Forget it, I'm not giving up my blood," I teased back. 

Thank you mysterious family member for the warning!  What if we left town to hike Glacier or something!?


trena said...

Ugh - what is it with parents and "surprises"? Mine do the same thing. Say hi to Dick and Mabel and enjoy!

Tonette said...

Yeah, then on the second night, Dad announced they would leave the next morning so they wouldn't get in our way and so we could work. Wouldn't it make more sense to show up/stick around for the weekend if you are trying to go easy on our work days? We work 24/7 anyway, but still. We finally strong-armed them into staying one more day. Sheesh.