double dare

Friday Flick:

Double Dare stars Jeannie Epper and Zoe Bell. The movie shows the strength, warmth and resilience of the women stunt doubles behind characters like Wonder Woman and Zena.  Super heroes of their own kind, watch them totally kick ass and beat new paths in a male dominated industry while smiling and laughing along the way.

The Double Dare website (click this).

Watch Double Dare on Hulu (click here).

p.s. I did my own stunt work for a short movie we made on film. We did several takes that didn't end up in the final bit, of course. It was a total blast but I didn't know what I was doing. I'd like to do more stunts and before I do, I plan to learn about proper stunt work.  Ouch!


Chris said...

I love this movie. I've been in love with Zoe Bell for several years now. :sigh:

Tonette Time said...

I can see why. She's like fire.

Chris said...

Did you see Tarantino's DEATH PROOF? She's fantastic in it. That's a pretty fun movie.

Tonette Time said...

Yes, I did. She was memorable for me, too.