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Friday Flicks:

This week's Friday Flick is really Flicks plural. I want you to know about Art Babble, a website of short videos designed to educate on specific paintings.  Many are specifically arranged for children to tour artworks from collections in different art museums and galleries around the country.  The analysis is pretty basic and a great way to encourage and compliment a youngster's interest in art (or yours).

For example, below is a video on on Post Impressionist, Vincent Van Gogh's 1889 self-portrait.

It's not all dead white guys either.  They also have some videos on some contemporary art and artists as well.  

Here is Polly Apfelbaum installing "Blossom."

Certain works are specifically part of the Children's Video Tour, like this one:
Jan Steen's "The Dancing Couple" from 1663.

The style of the educational videos vary in the editing, the verbal aspect - lecture vs. thought-provoking questions - and music, so if you don't like one, you may still like others.  You can select specific channels on Art Babble's website to help guide you in your interests, too. 

This Friday Flick is not too silly or wild for turning over a new year, but hey, it could be.   Who knows where it could lead?


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