fluke the whale

I had a whale of a dream.  Literally.  I'll spare you any play-by-play recount of the dream (so I'm not one of those people), but I'll have you know that glorious creepy adventure in my sleep made a deep impression on my conscious self.  Since I woke up I haven't stopped thinking about it.  I've been trying to replicate the main character, a cartoon baby whale, in drawings but I just can't. I can still picture him standing on a dock, but he's un-drawable. What I dreamt and what I draw can never match.  

It's just how it is.  

Fine, I say. It hasn't stopped me from making my wonderful whale friend more tangible for myself anyway.  I've reinvented him, see:

Dream Whale © Toni Matlock 2012

With such a boxy head, apparently he's a Sperm Whale.  I can't decide if he should be blue, yellow or green.  In the dream, he was a rich glowing polychrome, but I don't feel my cartoon of him needs to be.  I'm leaning toward green at the moment.  What do you think?

Oh, and in case you are dying with curiosity for some details of the dream, let me just say it ended with a bumpy treacherous drive in the water's edge along a narrow strip of beach with people leaping out of the way (my brakes had gone out) until I hit a rock and came to a stop.  When I opened my car door, I felt a huge pang of fear that people were hurt, but everyone was gone. Then a big beach towel unfolded like a magic carpet in the sand in front of me with a spread of all different kinds of chocolate bars.  No doubt melted in their wrappers as hot and sunny as it was.  A happy ending nonetheless.

I'm not sure where my cartoons of Fluke the Whale (yes, I even named him) will lead, if anywhere, but like my dream, I'll keep watching and see.


Chris said...

I like the green one too.

trena said...

Awesome. Definitely green.

carol said...


Tonette Time said...

Green looks unanimous. Thanks!