remember your 8 track iPhone case from 1972?

We remembered ours!
Last weekend we went to the Missoula Art Museum's Annual Benefit Auction.  It's MAM's 40th anniversary, so the party was 70s themed.  

Here we are decked out in polyester with our friend and Brink gallery owner, Jenn Leutzinger.  The 70s Maxi dress fashion is nothing if it isn't comfortable!
We both carried custom 8 Track iPhone Cases, handmade by Bruce.  

Here's mine:

The Osmonds Phase III 8 Track iPhone Case by Bruce Tribbensee

The Osmonds Phase III 8 Track iPhone Case by Bruce Tribbensee

He had a different Donny and Marie case.  Sing along if you like, "I'm a little bit country.  And I'm a little bit ..."

This year's event was a huge success and our props were the best accessories ever! Some fangirls were trying to get Bruce to sell the cases on Etsy but he's way too busy with writing code these days.  

Maybe in the Spring!


Robert Welain said...

I know an easy way to spy on someones iphone

Jones Morris said...

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